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Outcast: A New Beginning

Appeal Studios, THQ Nordic
Mar 15, 2024 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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7 / 10
PC Gamer
69 / 100
Hobby Consolas
78 / 100
8 / 10
IGN Italy
7.5 / 10
IGN Spain
8 / 10
God is a Geek
7 / 10
6 / 10
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Outcast - A New Beginning | Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds

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Outcast - A New Beginning | Demo Trailer

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Outcast - A New Beginning | Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Outcast: A New Beginning


Unknown Author
7 / 10.0

Outcast: A New Beginning is an effective restart for this all-but-forgotten series. It's certainly rough around the edges, but outside of Just Cause you probably won't have more fun with movement in an open-world game than you will here.

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A pleasing world and satisfying jetpack exploration aside, Cutter Slade's return is rarely out of this world.

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It's hard to stand out among open-world adventures. Outcast 2 achieves this at times thanks to its light-heartedness and sense of freedom, but neither the missions themselves nor its visual performance manage to rise to the occasion.

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Times like these I’m glad I get to blindly jump into games like Outcast - A New Beginning. I admit, I’d never give a game like this the time of day if I saw it on a shelf or in a Steam list or whatever. But I urge people out there who like retro sci-fi or classic games in that 90s PC style to give Outcast a shot. It’s charming and silly without being corny, and has a pitch-perfect game feel when it comes to flying around the world and fighting. The storytelling doesn’t hit any home runs, but the sum of the other parts hold the game up regardless. It’s a good time, and bigger, more expensive games could stand to learn a thing or two from it at the end of the day.

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Being the heir to the original Outcast is having a very big pair of shoes to fill. A New Beginning falls short, but is in no way a bad game. It could have been so much more, however.

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Outcast: a New Beginning finally brings us the continuation of a cult game from the 90s. A new experience that mixes the new and the retro to bring us back to simpler times without giving up the ambition of its beautiful open world.

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There's fun to be had in the shooting and gliding, but Outcast: A New Beginning is simply stretched a little too thin.

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Where it innovates in design, Outcast: A New Beginning simultaneously stumbles over its own two feet with a clunkiness emblematic of other games in its niche. The game isn’t better or worse than its competitors – but it’s different enough to deserve some attention

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