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United Penguin Kingdom

Turquoise Revival Games , UpgradePoint, GrabTheGames
Mar 9, 2024 - PC
Geeks & Com
7 / 10
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United Penguin Kingdom | Steam Announcement Trailer

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United Penguin Kingdom | Trailer

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Critic Reviews for United Penguin Kingdom

Untied Penguin Kingdom is a middle-of-the-road simulation game for me. I understand the need to complete tasks to get the resources due to the environment in which the game is set. However, having to complete the same tasks over and over again each time you start a new game is not my idea of fun, especially since there isn’t a free-reign mode where you can play how you like and have freedom. So, for that reason, Untied Penguin Kingdom just scrapes through on an I like it score.

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United Penguin Kingdom offers an alternative to the usual management games, notably with its colorful, out-of-the-ordinary art direction. The basis for an adventure of this kind is well established, and the developers have also added a few interesting ideas to stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, the title is a little slow to get going, and its interface is not necessarily accessible to less experienced players.

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