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The Shell Part II: Purgatorio

Innocent Grey, Shiravune
Apr 19, 2024 - PC
10 / 10
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Critic Reviews for The Shell Part II: Purgatorio

It’s no surprise to you I’m sure, after you have sat through my gushing praise, that I wholeheartedly recommend The Shell Part II: Purgatorio. In the forty-ish hours I spent reading, I found only one unfortunate reservation, amidst an ocean of qualities worthy of recommendation. The Shell Part II is a testament to the narrative potential of visual novels. I simply will never forget this story. My recommendation is of course contingent on you being ready for the rather oppressive overtones of hopelessness and misery. The Shell Part II is a beautifully written tragedy. It is the emotional equivalent of being skinned alive, and it is the best visual novel I’ve ever read. There is nothing else that has been able to draw such genuine emotion from me, except perhaps Clannad. Though where Clannad draws sadness from the ephemeral joys of life, The Shell Part II draws from a darker place. The sadness I’m left with after The Shell Part II is more akin to the quiet despair of a child understanding for the first time that one day their mother will die. Again, I do mean that as praise. I love this game and wholeheartedly recommend it, I promise.

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