Handball 16

EKO Software, Bigben Interactive
Nov 27, 2015 - PC
Operation Sports
3.5 / 10
Digitally Downloaded
1 / 5
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Handball 16 Media

Critic Reviews for Handball 16

As a game that attempts to represent one of those relatively minor sports, this is a good effort despite a relatively limited set of features. Gameplay, as bland as it is, does offer something new and is certainly functional. In all, this game feels like an indie title you'd find on the Xbox 360, like the well received College Lacrosse 2012. Unfortunately, this game comes with a much steeper price tag of $40. At that price, I can't recommend this title to anyone except a die-hard handball fan who's hankering for some virtual action.

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Last year I was willing to give the franchise a chance, hoping against hope that, it being the first game, future editions would be better. I am under no such illusions this time around.

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