Jan 7, 2016 - Wii U
Nintendo Life
5 / 10
2 / 10
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Avoider Media

Critic Reviews for Avoider

Ultimately, AVOIDER is a game where you'll get what you pay for; no more, no less. While the gameplay is relatively fun at first, it quickly gets tired when you realize it's a one-trick pony that doesn't have anything more to show you. For such a cheap price it's difficult to expect too much more from this kind of game, but it still feels like this could've used some polishing before being pushed out. We'd give this a general recommendation, but just bear in mind that your mileage will vary greatly.

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Avoider is very much trying to hearken back to the Atari era of videogames with its simplicity, and that's a fine goal to have, but it also suffers from the exact same problems of that era without adding any modern design philosophies into the fray. Tedium rules Avoider's world. Playing through the same scenario over and over again for a high score can only be fun so many times. The lack of real skill or growth also hinders the dodging simulator from being anything other than an unpolished homage. At an incredibly low price tag, it might seem worth it, but it would just be throwing away money at a product with a shelf life of half an hour - if that.

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