Dub Dash

Incodra, Headup Games
Feb 16, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Dub Dash

There are some very bright moments within Dub Dash. When the music and gameplay jive together with interesting mechanics, it really does feel quite sublime. However, too often do poor mechanics or level design get in the way, causing more frustration than anything else. It's not a costly investment, which helps, but all things considered it is definitely more fit for a phone than a computer.

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8 / 10

Dub Dash teaches you everything you need to play… deaths aren't unfair; you're just not trying hard enough

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While the controls in Dub Dash are simple, beating stages is a challenge. Lovers of rhythm games may appreciate the variety and pacing of the stages, while those new to the genre will struggle to see later levels. When the music and gameplay match up, the game can be incredibly satisfying, but frustration kicks in from trying to complete levels with one life, in conjunction with some moments of unfair design.

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If the game was a bit more forgiving then the changing level mechanics and hyper presentation wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately it isn't. It's bloody tough, and there are no difficulty options to alleviate this. But I don't know, maybe I'm just a noob and can't handle the stress. Maybe those rhythm elite will find a challenge here that they can't find elsewhere. Because otherwise the game is pretty solid.

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