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61 / 100
Mar 3, 2016

A solid tactical RPG frustratingly buried under a terrible port.

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Digitally Downloaded

Top Critic

Mar 17, 2016

For a game that is 13 years old, it's surprising how well the game holds up today. The game is enjoyable as the strategy is solid. It's a little strange that NIS would decide to bring this game to PC ahead of its more complex (and modern) successors, since these games don't generally rely on the knowledge of previous titles to enjoy them, but nonetheless Disgaea remains a very worth tactics JRPG indeed.

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8 / 10
Mar 1, 2016

Although Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness was really the definitive version of the original game, Disgaea PC still holds up very well, particularly in a genre that isn't overflowing with competition. The graphics have aged reasonably well, and the improvements to the maps look great, even if they do make the character models look a bit flat and dull in comparison. Expecting players to rely on muscle memory for the controls is an issue, but these minor gripes aren't problems for long.

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