Joe's Diner Reviews

Joe's Diner is ranked in the 0th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
3 / 10
Mar 9, 2016

Joe's Diner is a bad game with a good premise. What could have been a spooky supernatural thriller is instead a time management game trying to be something more. Bland graphics mixed with poor performance and failed attempts to induce fear make Joe's Diner a game that isn't worth playing. Save your hard-earned cash for a truly spooky Wii U game folks, because this one isn't it.

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2 / 10
Mar 30, 2016

Other than an original concept, the game suffers from a lack of identity and overall guiding principles, poor execution, a sub par visual environment, a dull and repetitive gameplay and does not satisfy or fulfill the criteria for any type of game the players are looking for.

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Digitally Downloaded
Matt C.
Top Critic
Jan 31, 2017

Like I said, Joe’s Diner could have been a good game. It has a lot of the pieces for a heart-attack inducing horror game, with its eerie setting and mechanics that force you to make your sense vulnerable. If it did something – anything – with its burial ground plot, it could have told a noteworthy story, or at least an interesting one. Instead, all it does is exploit stereotypes to deliver the weakest Twitch scares I’ve ever seen.

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15 / 100
Feb 13, 2017

Nothing is redeeming about Joe’s Diner. It’s a poor execution of a dull idea and one of the worst games released on PlayStation 4.

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