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Volcanic Field 2

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General Information

Available on:Wii UFeb 25, 2016

Developer: Slyon Studios

The Earth's crust has been weakened, and magma is continuously flowing through its cracks. Causing a serious amount pressure deep within the Earth. The Earth held on as long as it could; however, the pressure was just to great and magma has started bursting out of the Earth like never seen before. Causing the worst eruption in recorded history turning the earth into a absolute Volcanic Field. The highest level of Rescue services has hired you to gather the civilians and keep casualties to a minimum. Can you survive the Volcanic Field and protect the people?

Volcanic Field 2 Critic Reviews

There is nothing wrong with bringing an arcade-style feel out to play, and Volcanic Field 2 does have that. Unfortunately, its "spray everywhere" manner of fire makes for a rather chaotic and somewhat unsatisfying experience once it becomes clear you just have to wiggle the right stick at anything that moves. Some variation, choices or surprises could have really helped this title, but there's just nothing in it to make it pop.

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