Path of Exile: Ascendancy

Please note: This game has monetized random reward mechanics, commonly referred to as "loot boxes." These mechanics are similar to gambling and are being investigated by Belgium's Gaming Commission, the Netherlands Gaming Authority, and other government bodies.
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General Information

Available on:PCMar 4, 2016

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

Genres: Action, RPG

Seeking a worthy successor, Emperor Izaro constructed deadly trials throughout Wraeclast to find candidates. Six types of lethal traps have been crafted by Izaro into elaborate puzzle rooms - an entirely new gameplay type for Path of Exile. Having proved your mettle in the Trials of Ascendancy, you earn the right to enter Izaro's Labyrinth. Centuries have passed, but its traps are as dangerous as the day its doors were first opened. With an entirely new system for generating sequences of random areas, the overall layout of the Labyrinth shifts every day, uncovering new puzzles and secrets.

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Critic Reviews

Considering that it’s both free and quite probably the best ARPG that we’ll ever see, I can think of no valid excuse not to give it a whirl.

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From Torchlight to Diablo, Path of Exile is a dungeon crawling RPG in its basic form. Like many other free to play (F2P) games, PoE is an multiplayer game and brings something that many people want from such games, namely a skill tree, something that the previously mentioned Diablo and Torchlight fail to provide (but I will come onto that shortly).

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