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Square Enix, Sushee
Apr 14, 2016 - PC

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God is a Geek
7.5 / 10
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
8.5 / 10
8 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
6 / 10
Goomba Stomp
8.5 / 10
Nintendo Insider
6 / 10
4.5 / 5
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Goetia | Launch Trailer | Square Enix Collective | ESRB thumbnail

Goetia | Launch Trailer | Square Enix Collective | ESRB

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Critic Reviews for Goetia

Goetia is a difficult point-and-click adventure that tests your resolve, with an engaging story and some beautiful visuals.

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Goetia is a flawed yet engrossing point-and-click-style adventure for those looking for a challenge as well as an interesting story. Aside from the lack of a hint system resulting in the odd infuriatingly obtuse puzzle, it's a bleak, beautiful experience. It's certainly slow and more text-heavy compared to other titles in the genre on Nintendo Switch, but it's well-crafted and worth a look.

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8.5 / 10.0

I did like Goetia, and I especially liked the visuals which were truly entrancing. I also liked the plot and the way that I could play it for a prolonged period of time without realising just how long I’d been on it. That sheer feeling of being engrossed is something I look for in a game, especially with horror games being my favourite genre. Goetia can be difficult at points and can lead to frustrating moments, but overall I was definitely impressed.

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Even from its early demo, it was apparent that Goetia was going to be something special, and it simply has not disappointed in its final build. Sure, there are a few typographical errors and unusual animations for carrying objects around Blackwood Manor that should have been tidied up, and some of the puzzles can be a bit too obtuse, but it can all be forgiven because of the mystique surrounding the whole adventure and overall high quality throughout. The development team had something special on its hands that caught people's imagination, and has now given birth to a very special project indeed. Goetia takes the point-and-click adventure mould and re-shapes it into something remarkably exciting and fresh.

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While Goetia puts a fair amount of effort into its detailed environments and sound design to make them lush and engaging unfortunately the gameplay experience felt lacking by comparison. The method of discovery, checking everything you see in the hopes of getting scraps of story in pieces, really made more challenging than it should be to establish a baseline of caring for the character. Especially since Abigail lacks a physical form to latch onto, and since there’s nothing initial to establish why I should care about her, for me the experience stumbles to even get out of the starting gate. Throw in a more aggravating overall experience with puzzles and lack of direction than is typical from the genre and I find it hard to recommend outside of people who’re really hoping it being creepy and odd will redeem it.

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Goetia is a classic horror game. It's unnerving, skin-crawling, with a dash of eerie music that keeps your soul on edge. The puzzles are some of the most challenging in any point and click game, so this isn't a game for the casual gamer. Some minor bugs that can become a slight nuisance to the overall experience, but not enough to spoil the game.

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Goetia is a mixed bag. There are some wonderful moments in here such as the story, which certainly kept me going, and the visuals and soundtrack which do their best to keep you engrossed, are certainly impressive.

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If you’re comfortable with the high difficulty of its puzzles, Goetia is an enjoyable adventure game with a dark and intriguing story.

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