Dodge Club Party

James Montagna, George Mathews
Apr 14, 2016 - Wii U
Nintendo Life
5 / 10
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Dodge Club Party Media

Wii U - Dodge Club Party (Debut Event Reel) thumbnail

Wii U - Dodge Club Party (Debut Event Reel)

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Critic Reviews for Dodge Club Party

It might seem a bit snobbish to harp so much on Dodge Club Party's style. There's not much wrong with the game itself when it comes to some limited quick and easy party fun, and there are people who may really fall in love with its new breed of retro look (more power to them). It just feels that the creative force behind Dodge Club Party had something more special in the Dot Arcade collection. The spark is still around, too; just take a look at the joyful writing and art in the electronic manual. It's disappointing that it couldn't better be portrayed this time around in the actual game, either with aesthetics or added variety.

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