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Beyond Dimensions

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 11, 2016

Developer: Cool Frogs Studio

Publisher: Black Shell Media

Genres: Action, Adventure

Beyond Dimensions is a quirky action-adventure roguelike shooter where a variety of artistic styles, gameplay mechanics, and even dimensional planes intersect. The result is a chaotic moshpit of fun and discovery which will never fail to leave you on the edge of your seat. SAVE A DYING WORLD - Years ago, magic disappeared. The preeminent technological conglomerate, Magitech, recently claimed that they might have found a solution to restore it. You are that solution. Defend yourself with the spells Magitech gives you and learn to master them to turn yourself into a force to be reckoned with. Use your newfound skills and power to bring magic back into your world and save everything you know.

Beyond Dimensions Critic Reviews

The aloof nature of Beyond Dimensions may make it intriguing at first, but it doesn't hold together in the end. The adherence to many roguelike conventions is good, and the choice of a randomized spell system keeps things fresh until you unlock the spells you want for the big run. The variations in theme are also good, but the static order in which those themes appear can be disappointing when randomization governs every other aspect of the game. Though combat can be good due to the possible spell variations, the simple enemy AI can bring that down while the presentation feels too simple when scrutinized. In the end, Beyond Dimensions isn't a bad roguelike twin-stick shooter, but it could definitely stand to be better.

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