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Escape From Flare Industries

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General Information

Available on:Wii UMay 5, 2016

Publisher: Helix Games

Genre: Action

So, there are these jerks who run a factory called Flare Industries who locked up and try to sell this slime-kinda guy called Splat. Splat doesn’t really like being locked in a cage and wants to do his own thing, so he's trying to escape. He's gotta navigate the factory, solve puzzles, rescue his fellow slime homies, and ideally would like to not die. Think you can help him? In Escape From Flare Industries, it's up to you to help Splat get out of the factory. Jump over acid, avoid spikes, rescue your friends, collect all the flasks, and fight the boss!

Escape From Flare Industries Critic Reviews

Without its problems, Escape from Flare Industries would likely feel much too short for some, but still has the potential to be a fine little title for anyone seeking a quick and retro-feeling jaunt. It's pleasant when it works; it's just a shame Splat suffers from more than one frustrating bug. Even with its bright eyes and squishy smile, we can't recommend this to anyone until it's recalled and patched.

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