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Hitman - Episode 3: Marrakesh

Square Enix, IO Interactive
May 31, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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6 / 10
PC Gamer
81 / 100
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8 / 10
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God is a Geek
8.5 / 10
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80 / 100
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HITMAN - Episode 3: Marrakesh Launch Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

HITMAN - Episode 3: Marrakesh Launch Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Hitman - Episode 3: Marrakesh

Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh doesn’t reach the highs of the previous levels and suffers more than ever from the extremely superficial approach to voice acting. It’s not a bad level, but it’s definitely one that I’d be less inclined to return to than the others I’ve played so far. It's the first time I've had to question Io's episodic approach: Over the course of a traditional game presented as a single package you may come across levels that dip in quality compared to the best ones, but you can always put those levels behind you and play the next. In the case of Hitman, we can only go back to the previous two. Marrakesh is what we’ve got for now, and it’s a slight step backwards.

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Not quite on par with Sapienza, Hitman's third episode is nonetheless a detailed, intricate playground for murder.

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Metro GameCentral

Unknown Author
8 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Not quite as good as the previous two maps, with the more serious atmosphere lessening the fun, but still a more than welcome addition to the episodic series.

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IO Interactive continues Hitman's reboot with another sprawling level that doesn't disappoint. Even if its episodic nature doesn't feel completely necessary, each dose of content will keep you plenty busy until the next one arrives.

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Marrakesh has a little bit less lackadaisical exploration, a little less margin for error thanks to the population density and state of military high alert. Even fewer exaggerated costumes, far as I could find. But you can still brain a fool with a wrench from 20 yards.

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Another solid entry into the series and fans of the series so far will love the new challenges it presents.

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It doesn't hit the heights of Sapienza, but Marrakesh is another sterling Hitman episode.

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Marrakesh is a much different beast, and while it lacks the nuanced complexity of Sapienza or the gaudy flash of Paris, it has a flavor all its own that highlights aspects of Hitman in challenging ways. Another solid entry in this series.

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