Super Duper Party Pooper

Rudder Games
Jun 6, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Super Duper Party Pooper

Super Duper Party Pooper! might not be pure excrement, but it is not necessarily much better. To contrast the game with an actual bowel movement, spending an extended period of time with either will cause one to feel hollow inside, as if a part of them is forever lost with that time that can never be recovered.

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So, to recap, Super Duper Party Pooper is a rhythm game with no real rhythm, with a bolted-on shooting game with poor aiming mechanics. Throw this all in with its lifeless graphics, inane premise, and poor soundtrack and this is, quite frankly, possibly the worst game I’ve ever played.

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As much as the title is memorable and is certainly a bit of a giggle, beyond this we get another forgetful short lived game. Visually terrible and on-par with the likes of a mobile game, Super Duper Party Pooper is another fun for a few minutes time-waster that’s eventually flushed away among your other forgotten steam games. Fortunately if you do decided a play, it’ll only set you back 79p.

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The idea of being able to poop on people to the rhythm of 'Barbie Girl' made me more excited than it should have

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