Infinite Dunamis

Exe Create Inc., KEMCO
May 26, 2016 - Nintendo 3DS

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6 / 10
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3 / 5
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RPG Infinite Dunamis - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Infinite Dunamis

Infinite Dunamis gives players exactly what it promises: a turn-based, nostalgia-heavy JRPG that hearkens back to the 16-bit era. It suffers from many of the same presentational pitfalls as its fellow mobile ports, including jittery movement, generic-looking backgrounds and a pervading lack of polish, but it also introduces some genuinely interesting ideas, like the timing-based power ups of its 'Gaia Icons', and boasts competent, characterful writing. There are far better role-playing experiences on the 3DS, but for turn-based world-saving on the cheap, Infinite Dunamis is a fine option.

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Infinite Dunamis is a competent, if low-budget and unambitious RPG designed in the style of its 16-bit ancestors. What it lacks for in originality of the plot, characters and style it makes up in terms of an interesting and involving combat system.

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While Infinite Dunamis does have the familiar, comfortable feel a lot of mobile RPGs have, it's saddled itself with a number of issues that really make it a chore to play. It's badly optimised for the hardware, and suffers from multiple issues during regular gameplay. The characters are bland and honestly annoying, and there's very little to make Infinite Dunamis stand out in a long line of already lacklustre titles.

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Although lacking originality, Infinite Dunamis is a classic JRPG with a sci-fi twist, and fans of the genre will enjoy its vast gameplay and character customization.

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