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153 Hand Video Poker

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General Information

Available on:Wii UJun 2, 2016

Developer: Skunk Software

Genre: Arcade

153x the fun of regular video poker One of the most fun card games you can play alone. 153 Hand Video Poker fills your screen with multiple hands. After the hands are dealt you will hear a corresponding piano chord based on the rank of that hand. So winning will be music to your ears.

153 Hand Video Poker Critic Reviews

Ultimately, 153 Hand Video Poker is one of the worst games we've played in recent times. There are almost no redeeming qualities to it aside from the fact that is technically playable. Mindless gameplay and careless presentation are once again the downfalls of Skunk's second attempt at a poker game. 99 cents isn't typically a lot to ask for, but it sure is with this release. We'd highly recommend that you pass this one over; instead, go out and buy yourself a nice stick of gum. It costs the same, and you'll get way more enjoyment out of it.

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Live Stream: 153 Hand Video Poker for Wii U

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