Killing Time At Lightspeed

Green Stripe Snake, Gritfish
Jul 5, 2016 - PC
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Killing Time At Lightspeed Media

Killing Time at Lightspeed - Enhanced Edition Trailer thumbnail

Killing Time at Lightspeed - Enhanced Edition Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Killing Time At Lightspeed

It’s clever for all sorts of reasons, but the most smart aspect is its recognition of your passivity in the role of a visual novel player, and making that the most crucial part of the story is telling. It’s a chilling thought, spending less than an hour losing thirty years from the lives of everyone you know, and while I think the game does crucially badly fail to give the feeling that three decades have passed for the people you follow, the ten years or so it far more feels like has just the right effect of alienating distance and discomfort.

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Killing Time at Lightspeed (2016) is ostensibly a game about social media, but in truth, it’s a game about losing touch with the people you care about.

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