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Game Information

Available on:Wii UJun 30, 2016

Developer: RCMADIAX

Genre: Puzzle

Time to save the world from the evil alien bots. As you play INVANOID, you will encounter an endless amount of bad guys - keep blasting aliens to rack up a high score. Share your score with others on Miiverse and see who has what it takes to keep the world safe! Play now!
INVANOID (Wii U eShop)- Gameplay Footage thumbnail

INVANOID (Wii U eShop)- Gameplay Footage

INVANOID Screenshot 1


INVANOID has a decent kernel of a concept in its arcade hybridization, but is completely lacking in the sense of immersion either original provided or the imagination to combine these styles into something that feels worth playing. There are better items out there to take up your space.

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