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Prism Pets

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General Information

Available on:Wii UJul 18, 2016

Developer: Intropy Games

Publisher: Mouse Potato Games

Genre: Puzzle

Prism Pets, a colorfully cute puzzle that shines. Slide, smash and crash your way into color! Prism Pets is a charming puzzle game combining cute animals with all the colors of the rainbow. Craft brand new colors by sliding around the playfield, but don't fill it up or it's game over! With hundreds of different combinations and nearly a dozen different animals to play with, Prism Pets provides hours of smashing, crashing, colorful fun.

Prism Pets Critic Reviews

Prism Pets is one of those games that definitely is more at home on a smart device than a home console. This is the kind of game that you play for a minute or two while waiting in line for something, not when you have time to sit down on the couch. There's nothing strictly wrong with the gameplay or presentation, but it feels like the developer could've added more for the console release, such as leaderboards or more modes. As it stands, there's nothing here that justifies the extra few dollars it costs over its smart device equivalents, so we'd suggest you pass this one up. It's a bit too simple for its own good.

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Where to Buy

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Prism Pets [Official Wii U eShop Trailer]

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