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CASE: Animatronics

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 3, 2016

Developers: Last Level, Aleson

Publisher: Pinkapp Games

Genre: Horror

Welcome to the police department, where late work can lead to tragic consequences. You're a swamped with work detective - John Bishop who carries out his investigation till the late night. After a strange dream he gets awaken up by a mysterious call from an old “friend” and everything goes sideways. The police department is left without electricity, security system has been hacked and all exits are locked. But that is not the real problem. Someone is following you, someone red-eyed and made of steel. You better know them as animatronics. Figure out what is going on and remember - no one will hear you scream.

CASE: Animatronics Critic Reviews

Depending on your luck with the randomly placed key-cards and robot AI (whether you get the T-800 chasing after you or the Furby with one droopy eyelid that doesn't blink anymore) it will take somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour or two. And when it ends, it ends. As soon as you escape the police station it goes straight into a white dissolve and a logo splash screen. No epilogue, no wrap up, not even a voice over.

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CASE: Animatronics has decent atmosphere and unintentionally hilarious voice acting, but nothing really stands out, and most of the game is filled with boring and familiar horror cliches.

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