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Tom vs. The Armies of Hell

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 27, 2016

Developer: Darkmire Entertainment

Publisher: Burgoon Entertainment,.

Genre: Action

Tom vs. the Armies of Hell is a challenging indie Action-Adventure game from Darkmire Entertainment. You play Tom, a down-trodden software-engineer turned reluctant half-demon hero when an experiment gone awry sends his entire office complex plummeting into Hell. Armed with an experimental gun that turns captured souls into high-tech, multi-colored death, as well as his newly acquired demonic powers, Tom must not only survive, but also unravel the mystery of what caused this "accident", and how he can get home. Along the way Tom will be aided (or more accurately, bossed around) by Beezle, the purple imp that saved him from the initial demonic invasion. Together they'll face a horde of mindless ghouls, vicious demons, and an army of magically animated junk automatons, just for starters.

Tom vs. The Armies of Hell Critic Reviews

…humor in this game is excellent. It not only is making bad jokes, but it knows it’s a bad joke and delivers it with that wry sense of self loathing that it just said something dumb.

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It’s a pretty good concept and theme, and the most stand out feature of Tom vs the Armies of Hell is its sense of humour surrounding this. The writing is top notch, and the narrated cut scenes I found to be a surprising hit. It’s a shame the actual gameplay sections only feature text dialogue,

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Tom VS The Armies of Hell is an awesome Action Adventure Twin Stick experience. While not being overly long, it offers a few difficulty levels to explore. With robust game mechanics, amazingly hilarious dark humored dialog, this trip to hell is worth the possibility of dying a few times over while trying to get out of it.

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Tom vs. the Armies of Hell is a jumble of failed and successful attempts at a game. For $12.99, the price seems a little steep for the myriad problems I ran across. The difficulty and alleged skill involved in completing this game may be worth it for some who enjoy a hard time, and there is an easy mode for those who just want to experience the entertaining story.

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