Buddy & Me: Dream Edition

Sunbreak Games
Jul 21, 2016 - Wii U

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Buddy & Me: Dream Edition Trailer (Wii U Nintendo eShop)

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Critic Reviews for Buddy & Me: Dream Edition

Other than that, the game is nice little package. It’s bursting with color and charm and the gameplay, while not new, is still pretty fun. While this definitely isn’t the kind of game that you’d be expecting to play on a home console, it’s still nice to have nonetheless. At only $5, Sunbreak Games’ semi-infinite runner should be a great addition to anyone looking for a fun, simple game for younger Wii U players.

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Buddy & Me: Dream Edition is a game that does not entirely benefit from a Wii U eShop release. While it may be enough to entertain a young child and indeed fulfils the criteria of being a family friendly experience, it's hard to recommend an extended play through on the big screen or even the Wii U GamePad. In just a short period of time it becomes a rather tedious experience with little incentive for the player to continue on. Newcomers to video games may be inclined to tolerate the minor stuttering and frame rate issues, but for anyone else out there it's perhaps worth looking around for a superior endless runner.

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Overall a solid game from Sunbreak Games – I look forward to seeing what they do with their next game.

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The framerate drops also hurt the experience a bit. But in the end I just relaxed and enjoyed my time with Buddy & Me. Sometimes that’s all I need.

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