Gone in November

Sometimes You, Florastamine
Aug 18, 2016 - PC
4 / 10
The Vertical Slice
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Gone In November - Teaser

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Critic Reviews for Gone in November

Gone in November manages to be a nice insight into someone's final days, but it never really justifies being a game. It's confusing, often directionless, and its poor decisions involving text make it hard to follow the small grains of plot you're supposed to be finding. Perhaps in another life, it could have been a book or short film. Unfortunately, in this life, it is a game—and one that doesn't really work very well.

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I have so much to say about the game, yet so little at the same time. I went into this game really wanting to love it, to find a worthy entry in this medium on the subject matter, but the bottom line is there’s not much to like here. It’s underwhelming on all accounts.

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