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Sun Dogs

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 29, 2015

Developer: Royal Polygon

Genres: Art, Adventure

Sun Dogs is about exploring our inner solar system, altering your body, and embracing death. In a future where humanity alters itself without a second thought, you must do the same. Skim along the Sun's corona, float in the Venusian clouds, travel the Martian plains. When your body dies, your mind will be given a new one, and you will keep going.

Sun Dogs Critic Reviews

Sun Dogs has many flaws. The main one, however, is that this isn't a game - it's an unfinished, badly written sci-fi tale. Actually, it isn't even that! A tale has a beginning, middle, and end. This is just a series of semi-randomised, and very disjointed, pieces of Arthur C. Clark-esque text. Apologies to the late great futurist!

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