Adventure Labyrinth Story Reviews

Adventure Labyrinth Story is ranked in the 9th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
6 / 10
Aug 28, 2016

A perfectly passable, prototypical roguelike RPG, Adventure Labyrinth Story is a decently diverting game that's happy to entertain without leaving a lasting impression. It takes tried and true gameplay elements and wraps them up in a plain presentation, resulting in a dependable experience that does what it says on the tin. That's not a problem in and of itself, of course, and if you're just looking to do some randomized exploring with all the trappings (and traps!) of the genre, this will definitely scratch that itch — it's comfort gaming, and on the cheap, too. But it's severely lacking in soul, and if you've got a few more gold to spare, we'd recommend Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Etrian Mystery Dungeon as far more memorable experiences in the same vein.

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5 / 10
Aug 6, 2016

Adventure Labyrinth Story is a competent dungeon crawler with a simple combat system and a healthy variety of enemies. However its overtly simple narrative, linear goals and overall subpar visual environments make this a game that doesn't stand out among its peers, even if it's competent enough when putting the player in randomly generated mazes.

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Top Critic
5 / 10
Sep 3, 2016

The all-important battle system is solid, but features such as a pointless story taint the game and leave it marred in mediocracy. Repeating the same dungeon over and over can feel a bit stale, although the randomised items and layout definitely help.

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Nov 15, 2016

This is a fun roguelike dungeon crawler that will keep you busy for a while. I enjoyed my time with it for my Adventure Labyrinth Story review, and other than the inventory space being too small, I do recommend this very addictive releaes. There is a good variety of enemies to challenge you, and luckily you can always cook something to help you as long as you have the right ingredients.

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