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Miaou Moon

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 16, 2016

Developers: Leslie Valverde, Stephane Valverde

Publisher: Agent Mega

Genre: Platformer

Rise to the challenge! Miaou Moon mixes cuteness and difficulty in a survival 2D physics plateformer. You are Captain Miaou, traveling back to your planet with a cargo full of high energy food. Hit by a meteorite, you’re ejected and your food scattered all around 5 orbiting moons. Your only chance of survival is to grab energy food to propel yourself forward. Too few energy and you'll starve to death, too much and you'll explode! When you eat, your cat gets stronger and bigger, but deflates each time you propel. Playing with gravity when you can only bump in two directions can be tricky.

Miaou Moon Critic Reviews

All in all, Miaou Moon is a unique and challenging game that has a surprisingly complex approach. Much of the play can feel haphazard, yet you’re still able to interact and guide the chaos towards an eventual goal. Hidden items, secret exits, and plenty more await those who take the time to really dive into this deep-space adventure. Miaou Moon is available now on Steam for $9.99.

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Miaou Moon is not a terrible game. It’s a cute, silly game about a bouncing, guffing space cat with some fun aspects and gameplay. Both the developers are very active on steam and itch, releasing new updates and improving the game.

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