Castle Invasion: Throne Out

Cat Trap Studios
Jul 27, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5
8 / 10
6 / 10
Nation Fusion
4.6 / 10
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Castle Invasion: Throne Out Media

Castle Invasion: Throne Out - Launch Trailer  | PS4, PS Vita thumbnail

Castle Invasion: Throne Out - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

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Critic Reviews for Castle Invasion: Throne Out

Castle Invasion is a very addictive release that will keep you playing for “just one more level” over and over until it’s late at night. It has simple to understand gameplay mechanics, and its difficulty is fair. So if you’re looking for a fun castle defense game on PS4 (or Vita since this is a cross-buy release), then you should definitely play this one.

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8 / 10

I hope Cat Trap Studios continues to make more games for Sony platforms since I had a lot of fun playing their latest offering for my Castle Invasion: Throne Out review.

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If you enjoy score-chasing, levelling and some seriously hard enemy waves towards the latter halves of your games, Castle Invasion: Throne Out is a neat little package.

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This game is like castle crashers, without all the fun. Shooting arrows at rows and rows of enemies may be fun on the subway on the way to work, but when you are playing it on a console, you start playing better games in your head, wishing the "experience" would just end. I'm guessing that this game started out on a cell phone, and was ported for the home systems. Personally, I think the home systems could have lived without them. It is repetitive, boring, and just making myself write this article took a week. The fact that they are paying me in free games like this made me want to quit showing up for work. As always, feel free to reply to this in the comments. I could be wrong, and maybe metroid is buried somewhere in the last stage. The art was nice, and reminded me of games I liked to play. Also of note, if you follow my "work", you'll remember that I sincerely hate this style of game in general, because I'm a poorly made person. Everyone else seems to like this pabulum garbage, and for that, I weep for humanity. We can do better, in my humble opinion.

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