Pankapu - Episode 1 MastheadPankapu - Episode 1 Masthead

Pankapu - Episode 1

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 21, 2016

Developer: Too Kind Studio

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Genre: Platformer

Pankapu is a narrative and episodic platform/action game that takes place in the dreams of Djaha’rell, a child once troubled by a tragic incident. Play Pankapu, the tiny warrior chosen by The God of Dreams, to rid the Dreamworld of the Nightmare invasion. Discovering the dreamlike world of Omnia, the player controls Pankapu. This tiny being was created by Iketomi, the God of dreams, in order to defeat the hordes of nightmares that try to invade his world. Told in the manner of a fable read to a child, the game has two levels of reading: the story of Pankapu, epic and naïve in the dream-world, and the one about Jaha’rell's life, in the real-world, dark and tragic.

Pankapu - Episode 1 Critic Reviews

While it had its disconnections from plot, Pankapu is definitely a game I want to invest more into for future episodes. It’s fun and continuously challenging, with new puzzles and obstacles to overcome with each level, making the player think on their feet, and sometimes in the air! The characters are solid and visually appealing and help move the story along from chapter to chapter.

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Pankapu certainly has a lot to offer on PlayStation 4, with a great looking presentation, fun gameplay mechanics and plenty of action. I'm always happy when a game that was funded on Kickstarter manages to release, and I'm even happier when a game funded on Kickstarter is actually good. I had fun with Pankapu and look forward to the next release from Too Kind Studios and Plug In Digital.

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By in large, Pankapu’s first episode shows a lot of promise. Its story and world are genuinely charming, and platforming through stages with tight controls is an utter joy.

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