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Mordheim: City of the Damned - Witch Hunters

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 21, 2016

Developer: Rogue Factor

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Genres: RPG, Strategy

This Warband adds the Witch Hunters, with 7 new unit types and a fully playable campaign featuring unique Dramatis Personae, High Capitular Wilhelm Krieger. Amidst the rivalries and violence that splits the Empire, sinister forces creep back into the lands of men. Against these evils stand the Witch Hunters, remorseless warriors in service to the Temple of Sigmar. The witch practicing her fell magic, the mutant spreading its corruption of flesh, the necromancer violating the sanctity of the grave, the daemon seeking to possess souls – these are the foes of the Witch Hunter. The Witch Hunters will allow nothing to make them waver in their defence of mankind against these evils. They are the Templars of Sigmar, and with sword and fire they will return their god’s justice to Mordheim. The leader of each band of Witch Hunters bears a commission from the Grand Theogonist himself, sanctioning whatever action the Captain deems necessary. Those entrusted with such authority are chosen for their unswerving faith and zeal, as well as their tactical acumen and swordsmanship. Any who dare oppose a Witch Hunter Captain will be summarily executed… with the Temple of Sigmar’s blessing.

Mordheim: City of the Damned - Witch Hunters Critic Reviews

Aside from the early game difficulty I faced, my only other real chief complaint is we already have two other human warbands to choose from (three if you count Chaos). The skaven, a race of rat creatures, are the only truly non-human group in the game currently. Since Warhammer Fantasy has numerous races to draw from, including the undead, vampire counts, and more. Branching out from existing races would have added some new flair to the game. I'm sure given time, Rogue Factor will continue to deliver additional warband that further enhance the game's overall replay value.

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