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Available on:Wii UDec 22, 2016

Developer: TACS Games

Genre: Arcade

Data-fractal hyper structures are the new storage medium favoured by big companies. You are a neo-hacker, a new breed of bedroom fract-breaker, and these data-structures are your playground. After receiving an unusual email instructing you to hack your own homepage you discover a hidden world that will take you through the hack-zone and deep into the dark-web to yield untold riches in lost and forbidden softwares.

Radiantflux: Hyperfractal Critic Reviews

Usually when I review a game, I have a good idea of the style before going into it. FACTOTUM was the first release from TACS Games on the Wii U, and it was a pretty unique and solid game, so I was excited to see what they would bring to the table with Radiantflux: Fractal. After playing the game extensively, I’m still not quite sure what it is, but I think I kind of like it.

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What is on offer in Radiantflux: Hyperfractal is a basic side scrolling shoot-em-up that has not been properly fleshed out and isn't half as fun to play. If you get the sudden urge to hack the mainframe anytime soon, maybe alternatives should be explored.

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Radiantflux: Hyperfractal is an odd package with a solid, but not great, arcade game locked inside.

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Ultimately, for those that enjoy the core shooter element, Radiantflux: Hyperfractal probably delivers value for money. However, it also feels incomplete - a mess of random things jumbled together. While the randomness itself provides some entertainment, it's hard to feel satisfied with the game when it's over. A little more development effort could have gone a long way here.

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