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General Information

Available on:PCJan 5, 2017

Developer: Tomlab Games

Genre: Puzzle

Pictopix is a puzzle game where you use logic to color squares on grids in order to reveal pictures. Easy to learn and very addictive, the game starts with small grids and ends with much bigger grids. With over 150 colored puzzles, a shuffle mode and a puzzle editor, Pictopix will bring you hours of fun!

Pictopix Reviews

If you already love these puzzles, this is a must buy, and if you want to get into a smart, engrossing, and perfectly delivered pure puzzle game, this is an amazing place to start.

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Pictopix is a quiet and relaxing nonogram puzzler with plenty of challenging puzzles and the right amount of helpful hints for beginners. The major drawbacks are a lack of a save feature and the inability to choose your own music.

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Pictopix - Release Trailer

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