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Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 21, 2016

Developer: Yonder

Publisher: IndieGala

Genres: Action, Adventure

Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind is an allegorical local co-op game: the two protagonists are the archetypal couple, united by a rope that represents their bond. Their link has a double meaning: it surely is a restriction, a promise, a limit to their liberty, but it is also an alliance, a pact, a synergy. Without their link, the rope, they wouldn’t be able to survive the insidious labyrinth in which they move, they would be defenceless facing the macabre presences that torment them, they would be indiscernible from the roaming shadows they themselves sacrifice to strengthen their bond. The labyrinth is a cosmological representation, a mandala, where every area, every enemy, every value and every geometry has an intentional symbolic placement. What the players have to face is an initiatory journey in search of the key that opens the exit door. An arduous and difficult challenge, a cathartic ritual, that only the most valiant players will be able to carry out, players with a special elective affinity.

Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind Critic Reviews

Red Rope is a very original experience, taking the risk to develop an unusual idea, which is based on few themes and gameplay elements, that are perfectly executed.

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Don't Fall Behind is not a title for everyone, it is not suitable for those who put on the sponge, who easily surrenders to those who do not like the challenges; for all others it will show itself as a unique and particularly effective experience that will always keep us on track and will always offer us something new and interesting.

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