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Oct 15, 2018

In short then we can say that we are facing a Hamlet doubt about the final. On the one hand we have in fact a game with excellent premises, which has many interesting features, first of all the combat system. The way in which it is structured and the care of the bosses, in fact, make us on the one hand hope for a total success of the game. On the other hand, however, we find some untreated features, which needed very little to succeed, like a little care of the environments and a story left a bit 'so. From this title we would have expected a little more on this front, in order to be able to live a complete experience that, so, remains little more than mentioned.

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Oct 13, 2018

So we can say that we have a Call of Duty in front of us, trying to take a step forward and we can only get half done. The well-structured multiplayer, rich in modes, optimization and zombie mode are certainly points in favor that make the title enjoyable and entertaining. The introduction of the Battle Royale, which may not appeal to everyone, is actually a good feature if you think about its realization; on the other hand, those who are not interested can not always play with it. Too bad for the absence of the singleplayer that has always characterized the title, but that perhaps was now a part reached the end. Too bad, however, for the graphics that is certainly the least cured part of the entire production. Overall, however, despite some flaws, the game lets you play with pleasure, satisfying a bit 'the tastes of all users!

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8.9 / 10.0 - Forza Horizon 4
Oct 12, 2018

In short, we can say that Forza Horizon 4 is an extremely successful title from every point of view: an arcade as it should be, that leaves room for Open World dynamics, challenges and exciting moments. A game that manages to thrill both lovers of driving games and those of cars. A title that surprises from a graphic point of view, not only for the accurate details on each car, but also for the setting recreated properly and bright colors. A game that pleases, excites and entertains! Between spectacular graphics, fluidity and satisfying driving pattern, Forza Horizon 4 proves to be a real gem to have in the library!

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Oct 3, 2018

In short then we can say that we are in front of an obligatory step of the software house that, after Origins, could not move differently. The basics are there, now we must be aware of being in front of an Assassin's Creed 2.0; made peace with this then it will also be easier to fully enjoy this adventure that, net of some graphic and "historical" inaccuracies can still be appreciated. There are many possibilities and missions that await us, perhaps the story is not yet perfect, but in the end the gameplay is pleasant and enjoyable.

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8.3 / 10.0 - FIFA 19
Sep 28, 2018

FIFA 19 is a title that in general, net of some imperfections, really gives us great moments and excellent game actions. The fidelity with which the best known players are played is truly remarkable, and the care of animations is also good and improved. Excellent behavior of the players in relation to their physical characteristics that guarantee a game much closer to reality, albeit always arcade. Pecca instead the physics of the ball that is once again treated with a lot of lightness. Often in fact the ball follows trajectories quite unrealistic and not very credible parables, in addition to the fact that, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, sometimes manage to score from positions not really appropriate to that type of actions. For the rest, however, FIFA remains a fun and enjoyable game, which improves on the gameplay, in actions such as control of the ball and contrasts, as well as in shooting actions. In short, a football perhaps more spectacular than realistic but like and satisfies!

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Sep 24, 2018

In conclusion we can say that we are facing an interesting chapter that certainly has a lot to show, but which, once again, sins in excellence. The tip that makes it special is still missing. A real shame because, this time, there were all the premises for a twist. Instead, despite the various improvements, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, he could dare a little more. The narrative moves smoothly, but leaves behind some details and sins in deepening the psychology of the characters. On the other hand, congratulations go to the technical sector, which proved to be excellent under almost all points of view, both in terms of texture and fluidity of the stock. In any case, a title to have, try and continue to play to explore each area, to be recovered if you have enjoyed previous productions.

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8.4 / 10.0 - F1 2018
Aug 23, 2018

In general we can be satisfied with the title from the Codemasters home: F1 2018 has proved up to expectations. We do not have a big leap in quality or super revolutions, and yet again this year we have a good title that can be played at more simulative levels or more arcade. This year we are seeing an improvement in gameplay thanks to the introduction of a structured career mode and a good car management system, particularly regarding the choice of tires. Graphically we have nothing to complain about the cars are cured and the scenery accompanies very well. In short, a great title suitable for all users who want to whiz on the track!

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7.5 / 10.0 - Sword Legacy Omen
Aug 18, 2018

In general, however, we can say that we are in front of an enthralling title that presents a good narration and a well-structured gameplay. Difficult at the right point. A turn-based RPG with some survival components and a good strategic dose. The price is not too high, so we recommend it to all lovers of the genre.

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8 / 10.0 - Prey: Mooncrash
Jun 20, 2018

So in general we can say to be in front of a very nice DLC, which, although I do not expand the content at the plot level, still manages to please a lot. The most interesting part is the feeling that gives us: it seems to be constantly under pressure in a place full of challenges and enemies. We will never have a moment of respite, never a second of breath, we will always be breathless on the neck and this is the maximum. The level design is studied ad hoc, the enemies are difficult to face, as well as the challenge in its entirety. We will never be bored, because the developers have also thought about this, introducing the procedure that serves to always keep up the level of challenge. In addition to this, the varied number of characters and abilities will always help to face the challenge in a different way. In short, another wonderful work by the studio that proves once again able to achieve an excellent title in terms of gamplay but also technical. We strongly advise you to keep an eye on this DLC!

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