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General Information

Available on:PCDec 16, 2016

Developer: MokyuSoft

Publisher: Culture Select

Genres: RPG, Strategy

In a world where "Creatures," powerful beings based on real legends and myths from across the Earth, inhabit the land, girls with the ability to wield magic become "Masters"—able to summon and harness the power of Creatures to their command. Iruse Strenz is one such Master, a girl working hard to protect her village ever since the mysterious disappearance of her mother. The only clue to her whereabouts is a magical grimoire known as “Nursery Rhyme”—a tome full of mysterious symbols that no one in the village can even begin to decipher. Together with her best friend Nika, Iruse spends day after day training her magic, but her mother is never far from her thoughts. One fateful day, a strange phenomenon occurs near the village which soon threatens everything that Iruse holds dear...

Moekuri Critic Reviews

Moekuri is a hardcore tactical RPG wrapped in ultra-cute packaging. It's a bit rough around the edges, and the difficulty curve will probably alienate a lot of folks, but if you can look past those things you’ll find a lot of depth and enjoyment.

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Unknown Author

Though the stats are simple and each turn is very brief, the huge range of units to fight and build a team around means there is a virtually limitless number of ways to approach each challenge. This flexibility is hampered slightly by the restrictive gem system and the fact that you can only battle AI players, but Moekuri succeeds at what it sets out to do: it's a solid strategy RPG with plenty of inventive ideas and more than enough moe.

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