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General Information

Available on:PCJan 23, 2017

Developer: The Dragonloft

Genres: RPG, Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

In this turn-based tactics RPG, you’ll rewrite the history of an ancient Greece transformed by an industrial revolution. Customize your party's skills and navigate a labyrinthine storyline where your choices affect the path you take, the battles you fight, and the allies you meet along the way.

Hellenica Critic Reviews

All together it is a gracious effort by The Dragonloft. You can see the inspiration as Final Fantasy Tactics shines through, along with the art direction mimicking Disgaea. The dialogue is cute and the battles are intense. I usually don’t go for games like this, but I was drawn in as I felt myself repeating “just one more try…”

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An entertaining tactical RPG reminiscent of genre defining games like Tactics Ogre with a strategic twist of levels and combat designed around dynamically shifting environments. Though it lacks refinement in ground textures and an abrupt and unfocused end to the main story, Hellenica is carried by its unique combat and memorable characters.

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