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General Information

Available on:PCDec 20, 2016

Developer: JACK TWIN

Genre: Horror

An indie horror about dreams and nightmares the protagonist has. With a scary story and atmosphere. The game is based on real people's dreams and experiences.

Nightmare Critic Reviews

Nightmare Boy is a game that preserves the good parts of the Metroidvania genre and also adds its personal touch with a world based on nightmares.

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Nightmare Boy is a great compilation of nightmares and monsters that uses a metroidvania style and forces the player to select carefully when to save game. A good 2D experience.

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Nightmare Boy has a lot to offer, with a solid action platforming adventure with Metroidvania elements. While the game itself is not that difficult, the bosses will definitely require more work on your end. If you think you're having trouble, be sure to make good use of the difficulty settings to tailor the experience to your level of expertise! Nightmare Boy is a good option from The Vanir Project and BadLand Games on PS4, so be sure to check it out!

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