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Bear With Me: Episode 2

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 15, 2017

Developer: Exordium Games

Genre: Interactive Story

At the end of the first episode, the search for Amber’s missing brother led the duo to a black-and-white metropolis inhabited by Amber’s other toys, who moonlight as the hard-nosed underbelly of Paper City. The elusive Red Man, suspected as the cause of sprawling fires, still serves as an omnipresent menace in Episode 2. Their search will cross paths with a new roster of allies and suspects including CBG, a former detective who now believes surveillance cameras are strapped to the seagulls throughout Paper City. If it’s true, they’ve likely filmed the nefarious deeds of the Reef King, crime lord and operator of Westpaw Casino. He isn’t the only menace Paper City residents fear; Tigren, a local voodoo queen, has a staggering reputation of her own.

Bear With Me: Episode 2 Critic Reviews

Bear With Me Episode 2 takes everything great about Episode 1 and improves upon it. Amber, Ted, and their straining relationship hit the streets of Paper City, diving deeper into the tangled web of deceptions and hidden motivations surrounding Flint's disappearance and the mysterious Red Man. With two to five hours of gameplay, more places to explore, a diverse and interesting cast of characters, a strong infusion of humor, and a diverging story which encourages replays, this point-and-click noir puzzle game brings a lot of enjoyment to bear.

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Bear with Me: Episode 2 is a definite step in the right direction, with the world opening up more and a great selection of new characters and puzzles being introduced, accompanying the already impressive dark atmosphere. Sometimes it leans towards being slightly too easy, but there is more challenge than before, and it ends on the perfect cliff-hanger, ready for Episode 3. Hopefully the wait between episodes is not quite as long this time.

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"While it could still use some improvements with its puzzle design, Bear With Me episode 2 improves upon the previous installment in almost every way and had me much more invested in its story and characters. As previously mentioned, the story really comes into its own with the shift to an urban environment. It’s a shame that the episodes only come out every few months, though I hope the next one doesn’t take half a year. Overall, it’s a solid entry to an increasingly interesting series."

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Bear With Me: Episode Two has finally landed, and while it isn’t the end of the adventures of Amber and Ted E. Bear, it adds quite a bit to the overall plot and mystery.

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