Mar 17, 2017 - PC
6 / 10
Hey Poor Player
2 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Antagonist


6 / 10

Despite a simple UI and ultimately basic battle system Antagonist comes through largely on its storytelling. There's not a long epic taking place here so much as an enjoyable distraction that is fun while it lasts. The confusion the main character feels matches the player's experience, and as the story alternates between legitimate funny moments and darker disturbing ones, it becomes easy to look past the issues that hold it back. Those looking for a short romp that is both funny and entertaining are encouraged to check this one out.

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Antagonist is a mess of a human who just really, really wants you to laugh at its jokes and care about the story it wants to tell. It has nothing else left. Its wife left, took the kids and the dog, and kicked it out of the house. Now it sleeps on couches and remembers when it made her laugh on their first dates, when things were easy. Easy like every writing choice this game makes.

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