Rock Band VR

Harmonix Music Systems
Mar 23, 2017 - Meta Quest

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Rock Band VR Coming To Oculus Rift March 23rd!

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Critic Reviews for Rock Band VR

Being able to step into the shoes of a rockstar in first-person is novel. However, the new gameplay lacks the depth and strategy that made the series popular in the first place, and the formula feels empty without a multiplayer option

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In general, as much as I enjoy the experience of Rock Band VR, it's hard to imagine coming back to it time and time again. The DLC songs cost more than they do in the console counterparts and can only be played on guitar, so those who don't typically play guitar like me may not have a long-term interest in the product. The experience is wonderful and I am excited to introduce others to it, but its lasting appeal is a hard sell, especially for those who can simply jump over to traditional Rock Band and play any other instrument.

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You always play as part of a cover band in a Rock Band game, but in the main games you're part of a really good cover band that knows how to mimic the songs they're playing. In Rock Band VR, you sound like a cover band that sounds like a cover band, which isn't nearly as satisfying unless you're enamored enough with the VR technology and experience to not care what the song sounds like as long as you're having fun.

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Rock Band VR's not exactly a must-have, but it's up there—at least for people who haven't burned out on the plastic instrument genre. Me? As long as Harmonix keeps supporting it with DLC I'll probably keep checking back in, snagging a few songs, and putting on a show.

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