Dungeon Chess

Experiment 7
Apr 20, 2017 - Meta Quest
Digital Chumps
7.5 / 10
3.6 / 5
Chalgyr's Game Room
7.5 / 10
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Dungeon Chess Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Dungeon Chess

This article would be a lot more interesting if I knew how to play chess and could better speak to the quality of the AI, but, unfortunately I'm not in that position. That said, given the price and what Dungeon Chess brings to the table, no pun intended, this seems like a something chess players should check out.

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Dungeon Chess is a solid and affordable chess experience, one nicely paired with the Dungeons and Dragons brand. Still, graphic jitters and missing options make it a wait-and-see title, at present.

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Dungeon Chess brings together a couple of my favorite things - Dungeons & Dragons and chess. So right there out of the gates, Experiment 7 had my attention. Still, a good premise does not always equate to good execution. Thankfully Dungeon Chess manages to deliver a simple yet very solid experience on the Oculus.

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