Astervoid 2000

LREVG, Mad Capacity
Dec 1, 2016 - PC
8 / 10
6 / 10
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Astervoid 2000 Media

Critic Reviews for Astervoid 2000

Astervoid 2000 takes the classic Asteroids game and adds a solid twist to the gameplay that turns it into a fast paced, reflexive arcade game that is a blast to play on the couch with a group of friends.

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Astervoid 2000 earns a lot of points for its local multiplayer spirit, which, when tapped into as prescribed, does lead to quite a bit of fun. The problem is the mechanics are so shallow ultimately, that even a group will probably turn their attention to something with more depth and detail before long. The overall sense of value for this game isn't particularly good, since it's hard to see anyone returning to it on more than a handful of occasions. Overall, then, while it's a nice nod to sci-fi and space-themed arcade games, it's also too frugal and underwhelming in terms of content and inventiveness to be considered as anything other than an average space brawler. Sharing it with friends is its best mode of consumption.

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