Captain Kaon

Engage Pixel
Apr 14, 2017 - PC
5 / 10
Pardis Game
4 / 10
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Captain Kaon - Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Captain Kaon

Captain Kaon shows a lot of promise, but there are too many aspects that need to be tweaked or fixed. The graphics are passable, but the frame rate borders on horrendous. The difficulty balance is heavily stacked against the player early on, but then jumps between "too easy" and "too infuriating," depending on the objective. The soundtrack is just awful. There's one song that plays during every mission, and it must have been composed with just six or seven notes. It has a better chance of driving someone insane than being trapped miles underground, while surrounded by hostility.

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"Captain Koan" doesn't ruin those sweet childhood memories. In fact it's not on the same level. The annoying music (which becomes ridiculous with some 80s sci fi effects) in addition to poor level design, idiotic control and the monotonous flow are just a couple of faults the game has. For a short experience, Captain Koan might bring back childhood memories and for a small breathing time among the many titles coming out.

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Captain Kaon is the epitome of meh. With awful controls, this can be an endearing nostalgia trip for some.

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