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Neko Navy

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 14, 2017

Developer: DeathMofuMofu

Publisher: Fruitbat Factory

Genre: Arcade

Flying cats versus 10,000 soothing characters! What awaits them beyond all those furious midair fights...? Witness the world's most shocking ending for yourself! Shoot, evade, and detonate Bombers! Neko Navy is an exhilarating horizontal-scrolling shooter with easy controls. The game offers three difficulties that everyone from a beginner to an advanced player can enjoy. Fire off as many Bombers as you can to achieve high scores!

Neko Navy Reviews

Neko Navy is a delightful little indie shmup, full of cute characters and oddball humour. It may lack the depth of some of its more established peers, but it's got plenty of challenge to offer nonetheless, while a smooth difficulty curve means newcomers aren't entirely left out in the dark. It's probably not going to go down as one of the shmup greats, but its quirky charm alone is enough to warrant a look.

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Neko Navy is a fine shooter, so long as you're fine with it bringing nothing new to the table. It has an inviting aesthetic for those who are looking for something cute, and it comes in at a decent length for the genre. It may be tough, but the whole thing feels fair, and the game gives you enough to beat it if you're willing to invest some time into it. This may not be the ultimate cute-'em-up, but for genre fans, it's still worth checking out.

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