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General Information

Available on:Xbox OneAug 4, 2017

Publisher: Iceflake Studios

Genre: Racing

Race Arcade is the ultimate top down racing game with a strong retro feeling and super smooth gameplay. This fresh and evolved racing experience seamlessly combines all the best parts from the good old racing games with the most recent technologies. This is a big game with tiny cars and 100 tracks in diverse environments. Track themes vary from normal race tracks to ice roads, molten lava fields and even post-apocalyptic cities. There are six different cars with unique driving models. The car selection varies from a sports car to a real UFO so there are plenty of options to choose from. In the extensive single player mode you can play competitive single races, fast time trials and lengthy careers. Race Arcade is also a perfect game to play locally with up to 6 players. Relax on a couch with your friends and race against each other in epic local competitions.

Race Arcade Reviews

While Race Arcade does a good job of recreating the arcade racing style of old, with the top-down fixed camera and basic vehicle and track set-ups, as well as featuring time trials and local multiplayer, it is otherwise an uninspiring experience. Three of the six vehicles are worth racing due to their ease of use, especially against the AI, while the other three, being the sportscar, tractor, and UFO, are not worth bothering with at all because of how clunky and poor-functioning they are on the track. Race Arcade will also fail to set a party alight due to how one-dimensional the mechanic of racing seems to be. While the simple gameplay lends itself well to allowing for newcomers to jump in and adapt quickly, it also robs it of an immersive experience.

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Race Arcade is an extremely simple top-down racing game. You control different types of vehicles (even an UFO) in different championships. There is also a local multiplayer mode that can be enjoyed if you have friends who like this type of game. Considering its low price, maybe you should give it a chance. However, the game has extremely simple graphics, almost non-existent music and low level of challenge.

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At the end of the day it is a fairly decent top down racer which, without blowing you away, will keep tempting you in with a deep career mode, comes with a great feel to the controls and allows for some tight close racing. It has its problems, most notably when the AI is left in charge of the UFO and that the included currency system is made redundant after just a few races, but for simple racing fun, at a cheapish price, it’s probably just about worth a shot.

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Race Arcade had good intentions, but it failed to deliver something worth considering for everybody. The graphics package is pleasing, the content is aplenty, but some problems in the game mechanics prevented me from recommending this game to everyone.

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