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Crimson Earth

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 10, 2017

Developer: EHTechnology

Genre: Action

Crimson earth is a 3rd person, over the shoulder, zombie survival game set in a desolate and barren world. Hordes of zombies have taken over, your job is to exterminate them and clear the sectors one at a time. Exterminate zombies in any manner you see fit. Burn them to a crisp. Headshot them with a sniper rifle from a distance or get up close and tear their limbs off with a pump action shotgun. Push them into an abyss or order an airstrike and destroy the whole horde in a spectacular fashion. The locations include abandoned arenas, ports, deserts, destroyed bridges, labs and more. Killing zombies earns you credits, credits you can use to unlock new weapons which include an array of automatic, semi automatic, long range sniper rifles, pistols, flamethrowers and shotguns. Limited ammunition in each level means that the player must be conservative and make every shot count, what appears to be a small horde that is kept under control can soon turn into an overwhelming force if you are not careful. A unique feature in Crimson Earth are the perks that you get on each mission. Upgrade to incendiary ammo rounds that sets zombies on fire, unleash a powerful scatter bomb that destroys a large group of zombies or order an airstrike to level the entire map. These perks can only be used once per level so strategically using them is key to completing a mission. 8 Unlockable weapons including pistols, semi-automatic and automatic rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns and flamethrowers. Unique ways of disposing of zombies, burn them, headshot them or order an airstrike to take out the whole horde. Realistic gory blood effects and limb detachment physics Special abilities including incendiary ammo, scatter bombs and zombie repellent. Unique environments including abandoned arenas, ports, deserts, destroyed bridges and labs.

Crimson Earth Critic Reviews

Zombie-shooter Crimson Earth might not be a part of the worst videogames ever made (that honour belongs to the thousands of sex-themed Steam titles), but it's definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel to find its place amongst them, mainly because its developer didn't even bother to complete it.

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The PC market is already over-saturated with zombie shooters, and Crimson Earth doesn't bring anything new to the table. With enough bugs, odd design choices and crashes to fill a book, you'd be better off sticking to richer shooters such as Killing Floor or Nation Red. Even for the £2.79 price tag, this is really hard to recommend.

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