General Interactive Co.
Sep 20, 2017 - PC
75 / 100
5 / 10
PC Aficionado
5.7 / 10
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Terroir Trailers

Terroir Launch Trailer thumbnail

Terroir Launch Trailer

Terroir: Early Access Trailer thumbnail

Terroir: Early Access Trailer

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Terroir: Gameplay Video (Tutorial)

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Critic Reviews for Terroir

Terroir is an incredibly challenging game which incorporates the strategy, farm simulation, and tycoon genres. The lovely low-poly graphics and the atmospheric soundtrack make it easy to get lost in this world, especially as there's often not much to do other than wait for the weather to change. Much of the challenge comes from the randomness of the weather, so if you don't mind failing a time or twenty, you will find a great challenge in Terroir, and might even come to a greater appreciation of a good bottle of wine.

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Terroir could potentially be a fun experience, but it's a bit repetitive, a bit chore-ish, a bit lacking in depth, a bit unbalanced, and, most importantly, in serious need for a better tutorial, as it currently needs lots of work on the player's behalf in order to learn even the basics.

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The pleasing art style and relaxing soundtrack certainly pull back some points for Terroir, but ultimately unless you are an absolute wine enthusiast wanting to get a taste for running your own vineyard, you may just want to check out Game Dev Tycoon.

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