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Mecho Tales

Arcade Distillery
Sep 26, 2017 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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4 / 10
4 / 10
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6 / 10
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2.5 / 5
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4 / 10
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Mecho Tales Trailer #2

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Mecho Tales - Coming Soon to PS4/PS Vita/Switch!

Critic Reviews for Mecho Tales

While Mecho Tales looks to be a loving homage at first blush, upon further inspection that it's actually just aping its inspirations instead of integrating them into something refreshing or new. The presentation lacks personality and charm, the level design is rote and arbitrary and controlling your given protagonist never clicks. Despite the intricate visuals and unusual design, there's nothing on offer here that is genuinely compelling from a gameplay perspective.

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While Mecho Tales offers players a trip down 2D platforming memory lane, it sadly isn’t a trip worth remembering

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7 / 10

Mecho Tales is a fun platformer that isn't without its faults, since I do think that the story could use a little more exposure. The aiming and shooting aren't perfect, but they're not a deal-breaker, so be sure to check this one out if you're looking for a platformer on Nintendo Switch to play at home or on the go in an afternoon or two.

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Mecho Tales isn't a bad game it just isn't very fun to play and doesn't pose much of a challenge outside that final cheap boss fight. The game isn't very long either especially for the asking price. Wait for a sale on this one unless the art style alone draws you in.

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Mecho Tales' world really looks remarkable so it's a shame that the rest of the game is so woefully average.

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Mecho Tales is a beautiful game that takes homage from classic platform games such as Mega Man, sadly its dull gameplay doesn't quite match the effort put into the designs of the characters and worlds leaving a mediocre adventure in its wake.

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Ultimately Mecho Tales is derivative, borrowing tried and tested ideas rather than coming up with anything that ever surprises or astounds. It fails to leave a lasting impression to result in another forgettable platformer that is unable to compete with far more memorable and groundbreaking games in the genre that are available on the Nintendo eShop.

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