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General Information

Available on:PCOct 23, 2017

Developer: Mahdi Bahrami

Genre: Puzzle

Engare is a game about motion and geometry. Part puzzle game, part drawing tool, Engare is all about your geometric imagination. By selecting a point on a moving object, players trace delicate shapes in the air and hopefully match the target glyph for that level. It’s a meditation on the dynamics of simple machines and the beauty buried deep within repeating motion. The game also offers a sandbox where players can draw their own geometric shapes and patterns using the systems introduced in the game. It allows the player to export their drawings as images or 3D models.

Engare Reviews

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Engare is definitely too short – more levels would have been very welcome. And it's definitely very simple. It's testament to what a smart and interesting game it is that neither of these things put me off. In fact, it's a game that just kept putting a smile on my face as I solved each level.

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Engare cannot be completely considered as a game, because it's mostly a tool to unleash the creativity and imagination of its players. Those who are only after the gameplay and nothing else, won't get much out of Engare; but those who love mathematics and/or geometry or are doing graphical work, will undoubtedly enjoy playing it and tampering with its drawing tools

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“Engare” is literally an individual Iranian game. Graphics, music and its gameplay core are all Iranian and match the spirit of Persian art. The game is an innovative and ingenious title which can entertain its gamers well by introducing challenging levels.

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Engare انگاره Gameplay Trailer - Release date: October 23

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